Our children need to look forward to the future with self-reliance. To make them grow up to face the world we need to provide appropriate education support befitting them. But the resources we have are not enough with your care, intent, generous support and contributions, we can hope to achieve all this!!

  • Sponsor a child for Rs. 16,000 Per annum
  • Donate a vehicle – School Van/Bus
  • Job placement for our students trained in various professions/ skills
  • Donate towards equipment like photocopier, Therapy Machines and Tea/Coffee Dispenser
  • Sponsor the events – Children’s Day, Annual Day, Picnic, Camp
  • Promote the products made by special children
  • Donate towards a corpus fund for the teachers
  • Donate for Stationery / Annual Maintenance Contracts
  • Sponsor a library with books / CD/teaching aids for children
  • Serve as a volunteer, act as a PR for the school and offer your expertise.

For further information please write to