Parent’s Experience


Our son Neil was born pre-mature and we were told a few days after, that he would not be like any other children. Although we did not know what that meant, we were disturbed with the verdict, though we did not lose hope. We prayed and prayed and waited anxiously for the report, hoping it would be negative and Neil would be normal.

But God had other plans. He wanted Neil to be very special child and wanted us to be parents of that special child. Who would do a special job for him? But we were not aware of this, when Neil was confirmed as having Downs’ syndrome, we were upset and depressed for quite some time but with much prayer and God’s help we accepted God’s plan. At that time we were inspired by loving words which read “When God decided to send this little soul on earth, he was in need of the best set of parents, who could look after him / her and safeguard him / her from all worldly troubles”. And God found those parents in you.

Today as we look back, we realize how blessed we are to have him as our loving son! Neil has now grown up sweet seventeen, a bundle of joy, our joy-sweet and friendly, full of life loves to sing and dance, read and write, plays the keyboard. He has gone even further; he has participated in competitions  painting and decorating in Lucknow and won prizes in sports. Very faithful to morning and evening prayers (even when he went to Lucknow) He attends daily Mass and serves as an altar and participates in Church camps, Sunday School and Prayer meetings.

Yes We agree Neil is an angel sent by God to live in our midst, to shine with His radiance of innocence, and to brighten our world by just being our little angel from Heaven.
Mrs. Noreen Tauro (Parent)


Holy Cross Special School is very special – teachers and support staff are very special, in assiting the kids in their needs, handling them with every possible care, thus putting the concerned parents at ease while assisting in the learning process. The children open up to the social world around them and learn in their own way the joy and beauty of living together sharing the world with others.

This school has gone step ahead in moving their services to children from around Thane suburbs. The school has also moved out to help children participate actively in various talent competitions suitable to their capacities at the state and national level with encouraging success. Picnics, sports and Annual Day programmes have bcome normal features of the School programme; thus we are proud to say that Holy Cross Special School has covered every special aspect of the children in their care.

Mrs. Agarwal (Parent)


Holy Cross Special School is managed by sisters who are qualified and dedicated. Specially aimed at being of service to the mentally and physically challenged, it has grown over the years in its objectives. The children are made self-confident and sensitive to others. The various art craft and sports varieties provided aid children in overcoming social fears and any disability regarding social participation. The children now can enjoy the learning process like any other children their age while participating in dancing, fancy dress, shloka chanting, drawing or any other activity that their counterparts take part in normal school.

For this all the parents are appreciative and grateful. What more could one wish for! In a situation where these children would otherwise be living in a cold dark and limited world-they are now brought into a new world where wonder and activity make it a great place to live in. The school has not only become a joyful learning place, but a home where they know they are cared for by loving hands and hearts. We thank God for that!

Reena Joy (Parent)


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